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Wedding Industry Experts Dish the Dirt

March 18, 2013


With a background in architecture and experience in the design industry, Sara Baig, creative director & owner of Sara Baig Designs, works with her team to create experiential events.


One of our couples decided to take on the task of designing their reception seating chart themselves. It was going to be their little DIY contribution to the wedding planning. To start with, they finished putting it together two days before the event leaving us no time to review it. The big day arrived and as my assistant and I took a look at the seating chart we realized that the table numbers were all mixed up and some guest names were missing. The bride’s father and brother noticed it as well and started to panic. We calmed them down and made a friendly announcement during cocktail hour for guests to see my assistant and myself before entering the hall. I also assigned one of my assistants to stand at the door and make sure each guest was reminded of their table numbers. By the end of the cocktail hour we knew the names of all the 150 guests, everyone knew exactly which table they were seated at and the absence of a seating chart went unnoticed.



I would love to see brides leave behind the Moroccan themed wedding trend with the peacock feathers! I think its been done to death and unless someone comes up with a completely unique twist to it then my advice to all 2013 brides would be “Please refrain from the Moroccan theme”.


Couples need to realize that the teams of wedding specialists they hire for their big day are an integral part of the guest list. It is this team of planners, photographers, videographers and DJs etc. who assist in giving life to the couple’s vision. These wedding specialists are with the bride and groom and their families every step of the way and not allocating a table for them on your wedding day is not cool! They need to be part of the headcount when providing the venue with the guest list and must be looked after just like the rest of your guests. Proper attention must also be paid when scheduling the day’s activities to assign lunch and dinner breaks for the teams.


I had a bride once who was so stressed with all the distant family visiting for the wedding that she requested that I meet with her every Friday (month prior to the wedding) just to calm her down. She also gave me a list of members she wanted me to ensure were nowhere near here on the day of.



AliphAurMeem-SelfPortraits copy

AliphAurMeem Photo + Cinema is a husband and wife wedding photography duo offering services worldwide. They live in Mississauga with their one-year-old daughter Afroz Jehan.


We are a husband (Asad) and wife (Mehreen) team and our company name (AliphAurMeem) stands for our initials in Urdu. We started our wedding photography company after our own wedding photographer, a well established wedding photographer in Toronto, royally screwed us over. He took money from us the day before and didn’t show up on our main wedding day. He sent some random cousin of his instead who had no idea what he was doing. We finally got our prints that were printed on a 5×5 square format paper, however the pictures were shot in 4×6, resulting in passport sized family pictures. That overall experience was a big driving factor in us starting our business, to offer people an alternative that was not only better in creative and artistic merit, but to also genuinely care about people and not just see them as huge dollar signs.


Most couples are very vigilant these days, which is great. But one of the things that we have seen recurring in the past couple of years is that a lot of couples try to judge the value in your work by the amount of stuff you seem to be giving them. In our opinion, if you like someone’s work, it is typically better to hire him or her and only get digital files, as opposed to someone you’re not so hot about, who is promising you three photographers and four albums! A good photographer will give you better pictures than three bad photographers any day. Quality over quantity people! Get the best photographer you can afford and go for a no-gimmicks package.


Oh we’ve heard it all, but probably one of the strangest requests was this couple that wanted part of their wedding party removed from every picture because they were no longer friends.



Naushin Azim is the owner and principal designer at Love, Paper & Ink; a purveyor of bespoke, couture wedding stationery


The most unique request I’ve ever had from a couple was to include not only the names of the bride, the groom, the parents and grandparents but also the home addresses of both sets of parents- all on the same 5” x 7” invitation. It definitely required a lot of creative placement!


I love the non-traditional wedding invitation. Whether it is laid out differently in terms of the text or the design, printed on something other than paper like wood veneer or lucite, or uses an existing technology like laser cutting in a new way. I think invitations and stationery are a spectacular way of incorporating a couple’s personality, interests, and a lot of detail into a wedding. I’d really like to see couples being more adventurous when it comes to their invitations and day-of stationery.


Oh my, I’m still scarred by this one! To preface, I tend to be very Type-A when it comes to my work and really particular that everything prints exactly as it was designed. Even if it isn’t visible to the layperson, I can tell if something is even slightly off – so everything needs to be printed, cropped, and packaged to perfection before my client’s see it. Anyhow, this particular set of invitations I designed was very bold and required a double print of burgundy ink to ensure it was as rich as I had envisioned and designed. I found out a few days before the invitations were to be delivered that the printer I was working with was unable to do so (panic much?) and I had to scramble all over the city to find someone who could accommodate me on short notice. Thankfully, I did and the invitations arrived beautifully printed and were hand-delivered to a very happy bride. Since then I’ve definitely gone on to have more than one printer in my contacts and I always clarify schedules thrice before sending files over!


The creative process! It is a lot of fun meeting new couples and hearing their stories, but then actually sinking my teeth into a whole host of inspiration images, browsing my favourite blogs for even more inspiration and insight, and then thinking and planning out a new design for them is very satisfying. It’s why I do what I do!

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