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{Vintage Rings} Something old, something blue

May 31, 2012

I never really got the big deal about the engagement rings. Its not that I don’t appreciate (and lust after) sparkle and bling, because trust me I do (my pinterest boards should be proof enough). Its just that I never quite understood how one object could  be such a defining function of a marriage. From the way some girls go on about it, you would think the ring is even more important than the hubby-to-be. And what gets to me even more about the ‘Engagement Ring’ is that most people think theres only one way to go: the solitaire. Even though there are a million different types of rings out there, what you see on the hand of every married or engaged woman you know is a slightly different version of the exact same ring. In theory every bride wants a special and unique experience but usually just ends up conforming to a cookie-cutter version of someone else’s wedding.

That’s why seeing A’s engagement ring brought a genuine smile to my face. Her gorgeous 1920s vintage ring is anything but typical and most importantly its so her! Considering that the ring is something you will (or at least are expected to) wear everyday for the rest of your life, why don’t more couples go for something different, something that reflects the bride’s personality and style?

Images via 1. Masaoms 2. Anthropologie 3. Jewelry Sites Land 4. Antique Jewelry Mall 5. Topazery 6. Erica Weiner 7. Pinterest 8. Topazery

Disclaimer: In of the spirit of full disclosure I should probably mention that I myself sport a beautiful solitaire that was lovingly picked out for me. And despite my overt objections… for all the love, time, effort and thought that he put into buying my ring, I probably wouldn’t have it any other way :)

What does your dream engagement ring look like?

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  1. June 1, 2012 1:25 pm

    I just came across your blog as I was researching on writing about engagement rings! I do agree with you about girls putting SO much priority on “the rock.” We had a traditional “Baat Pakki” before our engagement and everyone was shocked that I had said YES without a ring. As if a ring is the official deciding factoring in choosing your spouse. Seriously?!
    I do love solitaires though :) I think they’re classic and timeless and probably why so many women opt for them. 20 years down the road, they still won’t be outdated!

    ~ Shaza ~

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