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Inspired by… ‘Social Tech for Social Change’

June 16, 2011

Despite my best efforts to be regular with my blog posts, last week I got caught up and fell a little behind. My sources of “inspiration” recently have been from ‘un-wedding’ avenues. The few of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed an unprecedented flooding  #ncwk tweets on my typically idle twitterfeed.  This is because, last week I had the chance to attend NetChange Week at the MaRS Distillery District and was blown away by all the incredible possibilities of ‘Social Tech for Social Change’.

Social Media means different things to different people. For the majority its being on facebook and maybe having (in)active accounts on twitter and linkedin, while others, like me, have blogs and at times reach out to the blogosphere at large. And then there are those that voraciously consume several modes of social media all at once, not just as screen distractions but rather as means for connection, engagement, and pushing the boundaries of how much these new technologies can do for the world.   

The wonderful thing about conferences like NetChange Week is that they focus people and ideas; on how to push the envelope on social media and how to take social technology from something that fills your time to something that fills niches and needs. Serious needs even.  Although statistics matter and they make valid cases, what motivates people to action are other people’s stories.

Tweeting for Lessons in Inspiration :  

  • “If you have a voice you have a choice” @ayeletb
  • Tools aren’t making change, it’s the people using the tools effectively, building community  
  • People are collaborative. Through social media they can contribute to many, many things.
  • “Mobile is a way to instrument the world” – Eric Schmidt
  • According to the ITU, 85% of the globe will access the mobile web by 2011 says @michele_perras
  • “The thing I love about the internet is that everyone has a voice. What I hate about the Internet is that everyone has a voice”
  • Everyone who has ever had a shower has had an idea. It is those that dry off and get that idea out the door that give it life. @MaRS

Feeling inspired? Check out the Net Change Week 2011 presentations by people who know what they’re talking abt.

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