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guest post | Advice from a Wise Bride: 6 Tips for Having Fun on Your Wedding Day

May 18, 2011

Everyone tells you to relax and enjoy your wedding, but you never really know how ridiculous that suggestion is until you’re just a few days away from the biggest moment in your life. I got married only a few months ago and I managed to have a blast!  Here are a few tips for how to make your wedding as “stress-less” as possible:

  1. Find your place of zen. I locked myself in my bedroom with a bunch of DVDs, TV series and a computer.
  2. Try to stay away from the cell phone just to avoid getting annoying stressful calls from people who can’t make it at the last-minute. If you can’t come to my wedding, don’t call me the day of to let me know, because I really don’t care.
  3. I was fortunate enough to be in Pakistan, where my wedding was, and so I had the privilege of keeping a maalish lady (masseuse) near me at all times. I know this may be difficult to find in other parts of the world, but I would strongly advise getting one.
  4. Most brides stress about the dances and dance practices, and I almost became that bride until my sister cussed me out and chased me away. So that cut down half the stress right there.
  5. If you can, make sure you have at least one person around you at all times, just so that you’re never alone. I had my shadow, my 10 year old cousin, follow me around wherever I went. Now this may have been annoying at times, but by the end of the week-long festivities I was so used to having him around watching me get my makeup and hair done and suggesting what nail polish color to use, that I really missed him during my honeymoon. Hahah.  Being alone around the time of your wedding can be a bad idea. I was so emotional I remember bawling in the bathroom a few times when I was left alone
  6. Find a confidante, someone who you know will solve the big issues before they get to you. I was lucky to have my uncle with me who played the most important role at my wedding because he became the middle man between my family and my husband’s family. With all the craziness going around, my family often forgot to communicate and coordinate with his on how they would like to do things, what traditions they had, and what made them most comfortable. Without my uncle, things would definitely not have gone as smoothly as they did.

About the Author: Jehan married Malick in a gorgeous wedding in Islamabad. She had an absolutely fantastic time at her wedding!   

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  1. May 20, 2011 12:49 pm

    love the pictures and what great advice!! need to rewind and apply to myself!! i got married in pakistan, why was this maalish lady kept from me?? and what is it with dance practices, turns the most sweet brides into monsters lol

    • May 24, 2011 4:56 pm

      Ohh J is sooo right abt the massages! If there was one thing I did right it was regular massages… Maybe you can get your hubby to make up for it now (read: spa certificates :P) Glad you liked the post and thanks for the comment rabbia!


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