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Nida H. Rizki’s {Inspired Wedding Makeup} Tips

June 29, 2010

To Be or Not to Be (a Fruitcake)…THAT is the Question

They say your wedding day is the most important day of your life and while this statement may or may not be true for everyone, I do know one thing for sure…it is the most stressful! We go through the motions of our wedding with great deliberation and care, choosing the perfect outfit, choreographing the perfect dances and ordering the most delectable menu. It all comes together at that very moment when you are sitting on the brocade sofa your mother chose atop the stage spilling with imported flower arrangements. With bated breath amid the blazing lights, instructed to sit, stand, look down, show less teeth, smile, until, you hear the boisterous voice of the aunty across from you, “looks a bit like a pastry, doesn’t she?” And it all comes down to that, ladies… The thing everyone will be looking at is your face.

The beauty industry in Pakistan has produced a wealth of talented make up artists in the last few decades and the key to looking your best on the most stressful day of your life is finding the one just right for you. A makeup artist can only be as good as you let him or her be. So the first step to this process is to determine what sort of make up you want to get. Do you want to follow the current trends in the fashion industry or do you want to be a traditional bride? Would you like something dramatic or something subdued? Once you have determined the sort of look you want to achieve start asking questions and doing your research. You can ask friends and family for advice and look in magazines, websites and portfolios to narrow down a list of names. Try to narrow your search down to 3 and then arrange a consultation where possible. Since the wedding season in this country is possibly the busiest in the year, and weddings are all we do in Pakistan year round, makeup artists may often be too busy to meet with you personally. Where this is the case, the artist will often have pictures available for viewing either online, in magazines or at their salon. After you have had a look and are convinced of their skill, begin the steps to making an appointment. Try to book an appointment a few months in advance and make sure to drop off a deposit. When making an appointment is may be a good idea to ask a few questions. Will the makeup artist be traveling in the near future? If there is a risk of cancellation how much in advance will you be informed? Will your appointment be forwarded on to someone else at the salon? A key question to keep in mind (other than skill) when you are making your selection is how many brides the artist will take appointments for on a given day. Being a bride is a very stressful experience and being the part of an assembly line production can often be very unnerving.

If you are stressed at the salon, the event will be even more difficult! Always ask, it is your right as a client. Also inquire if the person you are booking with will complete the entire process of your make up application or if an assistant will do your base and contouring. The application of the base is the most important part of your make-up, it is what will reflect in the photographs, contrast against your outfit and stay put in humidity. It is important that a skilled professional complete the application. In order to avoid an upset at the last hour, make sure you are aware of the salons policy and walk in aware. Being comfortable with the person who is peering upon your very tired face is another very important area. 

The person you allow to become a part of this very important day should be understanding and compassionate and should allow you to ask questions without being scared or intimidated. When making your appointment, assess personally how approachable the make up artist is, this will allow you to make a clear judgment on how your latter experience will be. Make sure to make your inquiries or give your suggestions before you start your make up so that there is no confusion on the artists’ part during the application process.

Once you have had your consultation and spoken to your make up artist, allow the latter to work without interruption so as to not break the thought process. Finally, trust your instinct and stop stressing. You always have the Valima incase something goes wrong. ;)

Author Bio: From cutting & styling hair for McGill students in her Montrea
l apartment for fun, to finally opening her own salon in November 2007, Stylist Extrodinare Nida H. Rizki, has come a long way. She knows hair and makeup, was a stunning 2006 bride herself and has a wicked sense of humour.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    July 7, 2010 11:05 am

    having lived across three continents over the last 25 years, i still havent found anyone who cuts my hair like nida rizki! she’s fun and she’s fantastic! :)

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