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‘The Perils of Being Guest of Honor’

June 2, 2010

Newsletters are the worst kind of spam ever. They lure you in with promises of enticing prizes and possibilities, and then flood your inbox with lame advertising  and This-Weekend-Only offers. Its only months later that  you realize that the This-Weekend-Only offers are a weekly affair and the only thing you have the remote possibilty of winning is the prospect of an uncluttered inbox if only you got rid of all those &%# newsletters!

After such a tirade, you would think I would have sworn off newsletters for good but surprise, surprise, I still haven’t learnt. I don’t know if it’s the idealist(/opportunist) in me that is drawn towards that glimer of  possiblities (and really can’t resist a good deal).  Or maybe its just the realist in me that knows a good thing when she sees it. It may not be an awesome deal or even a fabulous offer but its daymn good content to have in my inbox.

Bride or not,  if there is one newsletter you should be subscribing to its Bridal Bootcamp.

First the good news: You’re the guest of honor!
Now the bad news: That’s right, you’re the guest of honor. Let’s see you stick to your diet now.
In the swirl of events before your wedding you will often be the center of attention. Friends will fete you and toast you, wine you and dine you. It would be rude not to sample the treats they offer or lift your glass in thanks. There are social obligations you can’t ignore, and you wouldn’t want to. This is your time! Thankfully, there are foolproof ways to avoid overindulging out of politeness. The easiest one is to have a drink in your hand. At all times.
Not an alcoholic drink — although there’s nothing wrong with an occasional wine spritzer. But it’s a good idea as a rule to fill a glass with seltzer, perch a lime slice on the rim, and throw in a swizzle stick; no one will know whether it’s a gin and tonic or Diet 7-Up. If you nurse it conservatively, no one will force a refill on you. Drinking seltzer or water all night keeps your stomach from feeling empty and can keep you from grabbing a plate of food, because you’ll want to be spared the worst thing about cocktail parties: having to balance a drink and a plate of food at the same time. There’s another easy way to avoid snacking or overeating when you’re the guest of honor: Everyone wants to talk to you! If it’s hard to balance a plate and a drink, it’s harder to chat and chew at the same time. But make sure you don’t starve yourself. Have an apple or a yogurt before you arrive so you won’t feel ravenous. And you should never come away from a party feeling hungry and deprived — especially when the party is for you.

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