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Face Shape and Jewelry: What Every Bride Needs to Know

May 24, 2010

There are many things that you will be taking into consideration when picking out your shaadi outfit and jewelry. One of the things that you may overlook is the shape of your face and making sure to pick out pieces that will compliment you. The more you research the more knowledgeable you will become. The more knowledgeable you become the more confident you will be with your look. Here is an edited excerpt from a great article that I came across to get you to think about your jewelry and outfit selection keeping these important things in mind.

Not every bride has a significant face shape that needs balancing by her wedding hairstyle and gown, but I’m sure there will be many of you that will benefit from this knowledge. The face shape is determined when all of the hair is pulled away and the outer edge of the face is studied. At the same time the features within the face can be soft or angular. A face shape is not set in stone. Someone’s seemingly oval face may look more round next to someone else’s oval. Two people can both be square but one will be squarer than the other will.


A great rule of thumb is “opposites attract.” A round full face needs a deep V to elongate and thin out the face. A square jaw line needs the softness of a lace edge or scoop neckline. An oblong face shape is complemented by a Sabrina neckline, off the shoulder or strapless gown. A heart shape or triangle needs width at the jaw line; hug the shoulder or a wide scoop would be a great choice. Note: A diamond face and an oval have perfect proportions and are symmetrical so their choices are limitless.


Most people are subconsciously drawn to a complementary jewelry shape. You are used to looking at yourself everyday. Subconsciously you are drawn to certain shapes. Many times a hair stylist or a friend will try to impose a look on a bride complementing to themselves and not the bride. This happens without thinking. You are naturally drawn to what you like.


The perfect earring can light up your face.

  • An oval face can wear any shape earring. Keep the size of the earring in balance to the  your own size, whether you are petite or large. In keeping with the soft lines of your face, soft shapes such as pearls, tear drops, circles, and ovals are best.
  • A round face needs earrings with length to elongate it. A drop earring works best in shapes that are also soft like a teardrop.
  • An oblong face looks best with a button earring drawing the eye horizontally.
  • A heart shape face needs earrings that are wider at the bottom to balance a narrow chin. Shapes such as teardrops or inverted triangles or button earrings work well.
  • A diamond face shape can follow the same “rules” for an oval. But this face shape can carry a more dramatic design. Corners, points, and harder edges complement the angular face. Cut crystals are nice with the diamond face.
  • A drop earring, creating the look of length, complements the square face. 
Rectangular faces can do well with a button style, with lines in keeping with the lines of the face.
  • A triangular face shape is similar to a heart shape but with more prominent angles. Balance this face with width at the bottom.


Necklaces should complement the neckline of your outfit, the face shape and the detail of the bodice. A very ornate dress and dupatta can carry a more ornate jewelry selection. Lets consider each face shape individually with the necklace in mind.

  • An oval face can wear anything. Match the texture and designs in her gown when choosing a necklace.
  • A round face needs a necklace that adds length to her look. A longer or T-style necklace complements a round face. Stay away from chokers or short necklaces. Also stay away from large stones or pearls. You don’t want to add any visual thickness to the neck with a round face. A deep plunging neckline can carry a beautiful necklace and is great for a round face.
  • An oblong face can carry a choker style necklace well. This helps to break up the vertical line that is happening with an oblong face.
  • A heart shape face also looks great with a choker or a triple or double strand of pearls. With the heart face the chin is narrow. Creating fullness at the neck with the right necklace balances the wider eye and cheekbone area in the heart shaped face.
  • A diamond face shape is like the oval face shape but with corners. It can carry any style. Just keep it proportioned to the your size. Drop crystals look beautiful with a diamond face. 
Square faces need length and softness. A T-style or a simple strand of pearls that hang a little bit longer is perfect.
  • A rectangle face needs softening and width. Shorter necklaces work nicely.
  • A triangle face is a heart shape with corners and angles. Remember you can match the angles for impact or counterbalance them for softness. Stay away from necklaces that end with a point. A wider look balances the triangle face.

The neckline of the outfit, the face shape and the your own body all need to be taken into consideration when selecting jewelry. The right jewelry will flatter you; the wrong jewelry will just stand out. To help with your jewelry selections look to blending the lines of your face with the lines in the jewelry. To create counterbalance with the necklace and earrings look to your face shape and gown neckline.

You can read the entire unedited article here.

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  1. May 25, 2010 6:12 pm

    this article is really informative and a must read for girl. thanks for sharing.

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