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Well, Hello There.

May 22, 2010

Many apologies for being M.I.A for the last few days. Even though I don’t think there are many of you who await my blogposts with bated breath, (are there? *fingers crossed*) I did promise myself I would be regular and have lots of juicy laddus ready for you every week. If any of you have been wondering where I have been, I’ve recently started a new job that requires me to wake up at 7 am (Urghh). And since I really didn’t want to get fired in my first week I have been managing the waking up at seven part surprisingly well, with the slightly unfortunate downside of spending the rest of the day like a zombie unable to focus on anything. Kind of counter-productive if you ask me… then again no one is asking me. Hmmm ….I wonder if I draw a cartoon or two someone will react and ban the concept of the #$!@& 9 am – 5 pm work day (7 am – 6 pm including the %#$* commute). Sorry couldn’t resist throwing that in. kheheh.

Anyhoo point of this post being that I’m working on my zombie-like state and slowly getting used to this new routine in my life. So fikar-not (as my dad would say) there is lots of exciting shaadi stuff coming up. All you have to do is keep watching this space. :)


~ S

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