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Wedding Plans Simplified

May 13, 2010

Can I please state for the record that I have been a fan of Google since way back when. I switched from yahoo search to google when I realized it yielded way better results, I signed up for a gmail account and haven’t looked back since. I’ve even been trying to get my friends to convert to  Picasa from Facebook photos, which lets face it is not a real online photo album. (1. It resizes your pics to a smaller dimensions 2. ITS FACEBOOK).

& so should you

Boys and girls, Google has yet again proven its awesomeness. Just when I was wondering if me saying ‘Make use of Microsoft Excel’ was good enough and if I would have to throw in a tutorial to explain it further, Google decides to make life a whole lot easier. A little too late for me, but probably just in time for you. This February (exactly a year after my wedding :( ) the creative forces at Style Me Pretty collaborated with Google Docs to create a Collection of Wedding Planning Templates which you will love!!

Just for your organizational needs they have the:

“Because these documents, and spreadsheets live online, you can easily get help by sharing them with your parents or bridal party, and you can access them from the bakery, bridal shop or anywhere around town using your smartphone. Plus, you never have to worry about versions and email attachments, because everything is always up to date.”

God, I wish they had made this earlier in my life. Call me a project management geek, but I almost wish I could re-live my wedding just to make use of these templates. I know thats crazy talk … but look at these docs, they’re so pretty!! Oh well, at least I can pay it forward to all of you. Enjoy, my friends!

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  1. June 22, 2010 12:25 pm

    I love your writing style, I truly do. I always tell my brides to sit back and relax, let me take the lead.

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