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The Reluctant Bride, Part II

May 7, 2010

Although I started out quite the reluctant bride. I did eventually give in. As scary and overwhelming as weddings are, they can also be a wonderful opportunity for those of the creative nature (like yours truly).

Let me explain myself:  I have always been a creative child from the start: in class five I was one of the top two ‘drawers’  in the class; in class ten I took charge of the prom creatives (I burnt the invitations to give them a funky and “Arabian” look), and by university I took almost every creative class offered by the faculty of Studio Arts because I just couldn’t help myself. Thanks to my parents’ backgrounds I’ve been submerged in theatre, fashion and the arts, since before I could walk.

And now think of an average South Asian wedding. From artistic invitations, fashionable outfits, elaborate entrances, theatrical performances, down to the delightful details, everything requires an aesthetic eye. All things considered weddings should be my forte.  (If only someone could take away all the drama).

So when the time came for my own wedding, unbeknownst to anyone (I had a reputation to uphold), I started researching for my wedding. And like any modern woman from generation 2.0 my first resource was the internet. Here I came upon some inspirational and truly delightful websites. I spent hours going through the pages of JuneBug, StyleMePretty, TheKnot and the like. It was supposed to be just inspiration for my invitations (which I had taken upon myself to design), but I found myself taken in and somehow uplifted by these sites. The only downside was that there were no desi equivalents of this quality which I could relate to. The websites made me feel how weddings are supposed to make you feel (but in reality don’t). They took me away from the real life struggles and compromises and difficult decision-making to see the romantic and charming side of weddings. 

I guess it’s the difference between watching the gorgeous and serene Nigella whip up a Caramel Croissant Pudding on the food network and the reality of your own frantic attempt in your chaotic kitchen surrounded by your constantly meddling family. The end product may look the same, but the process feels very different.

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